101 Nights of Great Sex: "Honeylingus"??


By: Russ Ray Rollins

WTKS - Real Radio 104.1 - Orlando

Feb. 5, 2019 - 5:12 PM

If you have not picked up a copy of "101 nights of great sex" by Laura Corn, you should get it for the one you love for Valentines day. It's fun to read, if if you can handle all 101 nights. Just reading the titles and trying to figure out what they mean. The first chapter is called "Honeylingus", what could that mean????

Each chapter you want to read has to be ripped out of the book. Some pages are for him to read, some for her to read. The first chapter, which is titled "Honeylingus" is for "HIS EYES" only.

Author Laura Corn goes into a great story about how she came up with this very romantic and sensual activity. It involves drawing your lady a bath with candles and romantic music. Now for some reason, she wants you to pure a quart of milk into the bath tube. Is this a thing?? A milk bath sounds stinky to me. Hell, I will try anything once.

Then she suggests you tell your lady, after she gets out of her milk bath, to put 6 small drops of honey any place on her body and rub it in. Tell your lady, when she's ready lay down on the bed and you will lick around until you find all six spots. Find your honey's honey and connect the dots with your tongue.

One of my favorite Kiss songs is "Lick it up"....... it applies here I think.

Well, not really romantic enough for the moment... but you know what I mean.


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