New KISS stage show- "End of the Road" tour

The NEW KISS stage show!

By: Russ Ray Rollins

WTKS - Real Radio 104.1 - Orlando

Feb. 5, 2019 - 4:21 PM

Everyone knows I'm a big KISS fan. If you are too, here is the new stage for the "End of the Road" tour.

I think it looks pretty cool at first, but after about half way through the show, I felt it was a bit more simple than most KISS stages. I was a fan of the Alive II stage, Dynasty stage and the Creatures of the Night Tank stage. Still, it's pure KISS. Over the top, in your face and super loud!

I'm going to the show in Tampa on April 11th. Is it the "End of the Road"????

I doubt it.


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