15 Signs on Valentines Your Relationship is Failing

Dwight Bain's 15 Valentine Day Fail Warning signs:

1. Your partner spends more time criticizing you, never compliments

2. Your partner ignores your thoughts or opinions

3. You are willing to accept your partners faults - but they won’t tolerate yours

4. They talk about how good their ex was

5. They aren’t kind to old people or dogs

6. You have to constantly bail them out

7. You feel more like their therapist than lover

8. You are the only one who feels the passion for romance

9. You are afraid to honestly be yourself

10. There is little to no communication

11. You don’t like their friends, or their friends don’t like you

12. Your relationship is more about making their mom happy than making you happy, (with no consideration for your family of origin)

13. You have do more and more to make them happy

14. You pay for everything… including their student loans and car payment

15. They gradually cut you off from other friendships and family

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