Russ got wood!

Russ Got WOOD!

I promised my lovely wife Maryellen I would make her an old fashion wooden kitchen table. She wants it to look old and barn yard like.

Did you know the cost of oak planks? Do you know the weight of 10 ft. long oak planks? Good lord!

A big thank you to Nigel Bhagwandass for hooking me up with these four great pieces of wood. They have to dry out for a while before I can start making them into a beautiful kitchen table for my wife.

Thanks to Mr. York for allowing me to store them at his mansion.


Wood planks

These planks are SUPER heavy! I have to clean them, sand them, plane them and make a bass for them. Then I'll stain them with a dark mahogany stain.

I've watched two dozen videos on Youtube on how to build this table.



Russ Rollins behind mic

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