I've finished my Country Kitchen table. Check it out!

Russ' Country Kitchen table.

Written by: Russ Ray Rollins

March 31, 2019

If you know me, you know I'm hard headed. If you tell me I can't do something, it motivates me to try harder. Maryellen asked me to build a country kitchen table. At first I didn't think I could build it. Then Maryellen said "That's fine, I'll find another guy who can build it." OH HELL NO!

So, after that I called my dad. This was a few weeks before he passed away. It would be the last thing we would talk about in detail and I could tell he was excited for us to work on this table together. I was looking forward to it as well.

I obsessed over building the table, as I always do. I researched the types of wood, stain, brackets and legs for a table like my wife wanted.

A very nice listener, Nigel , had for old oak boards sitting in his back yard. They had been there for about 5 years, out in the weather. They where PERFECT for what I was building. I had to pressure wash them, dry them out and sand them. It took about two month. Each oak board weighs 100 lbs.. There are four of them.

I stained them ( with help for my wife) and sealed the table so it won't get wet ring stains.

After Dad died, it became a labor of love. Love for my dad, and love for Maryellen. I know to some people , it may just look like an old table. To me, it's much more.

For those of you who are carpenters, please hold your critique of this old country kitchen table. It is not supposed to look perfect. The table is a lot like me. It's imperfect, but it's strong, sturdy and embodies a lot of love.

It's not just a table.


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