Law and Disorder | 2/27/19

Law & Disorder on February 27, 2019

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

1.Question: If my employer requires me to work from home and a slip and fall from home happens, can I collect Workers Comp.?

Answer: If you are on the clock working, you can apply for Workers Comp. It does not matter if you are working from home are at an office.

2.Question: Can you sue a co-worker for getting you sick?

Answer: This is one of those suits that are usually not worth filing.

3.Question: I reported a coworker to ethics. He was interviewed by an investigator and retaliated by reporting another employee for something that happened a long time ago. Isn’t this retaliation?

Answer: It depends on the situation and whether you are part of a protected class.

4.Question: If you have a gap in your treatment due to poor treatment and I am looking for new treatment; is the gap a negative sign?

Answer: It may affect the case, but it will depend on the timeframe and reason of the gap, and individual circumstance(s).

5.Question: How long after being on probation do, I must wait to apply for a concealed carry permit, so I don’t get denied?

Answer: It depends on what charges you are on probation for.

6.Question: Can I fire my accident attorney and hire your guy? Is that legal if we’re about to go to mediation?

Answer: Sure. If you’re unhappy and would like to change attorneys, you can do so. This happens often.

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