Law and Disorder | 3/14/19

Law & Disorder on March 14, 2019

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1.Question: Do you know of any good real estate lawyers for beginning landlords in central Florida?

Answer: Yes, I know several good attorneys. Feel free to contact us and we will help you out.

2.Question: If one person is pulling into traffic and another person is changing lanes and they have an accident; who is at fault?

Answer: It really depends on the positioning of the vehicles. Florida is a contributary negligent state which means both parties can be at fault for a certain amount.

3.Question: I had a rotator cuff surgery and they put in a cadaver mesh. I wound up with an infection that compromised the rotator cuff to the point. Now I need a full shoulder replacement. Do I have any recourse? The rotator cuff was due to an injury at my job.

Answer: You can get an infection without anything done wrong. You would need to prove that the mesh was bad and that it was the cause of the infection. Also, you would need to prove that the surgeon was negligent. Since this occurred at your employment, you may have a Workers Comp. issue.

4.Question: Is it an insurance fraud if you have insurance and tell the doctor or hospital you do not?

Answer: Yes. If you intentionally misrepresented something, that might be considered fraud.

5.Question: If your job makes a mandatory lunch meeting, can they deduct an hour from your time because it’s lunch? They said it’s required to attend.

Answer: If they do it once, it’s not worth suing for but if it’s a common practice, you should consider contacting an attorney as they are stealing money from you.

6.Question: My daughter was recently in an accident and it was her fault, but she did not get a ticket. Should that keep her insurance rate down? She was only given a warning for traveling too close.

Answer: If someone goes after your insurance company and files a claim against you, it might affect you.

7.Question: Could a lawyer go after someone who owes money from a small claims’ judgement in Florida?

Answer: Yes. If you get a judgement in Florida, you can hire an attorney to handle it. Keep in mind, Florida is an asset debtor protection state. Therefore, joint assets might be protected.

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