Law and Disorder | 3/20/19

Law & Disorder on March 20, 2019

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1.Question: I was rear ended leaving Walmart on Friday. The driver that hit me was uninsured and I am injured. I do not have Uninsured Motorist insurance and the officer that came did not write a ticket for him. What should I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, there might not be anything you can do. You can try to sue the individual but if he doesn’t have any assets, then there is nothing to gain. You may get 80% of your PIP but that may not be enough to cover everything.

2.Question: About three years ago, somebody took half of my military severance package and went shopping on Google Play, via my debit card. My bank went to court with Google on my behalf. They settled and March 12th was the deadline for Google to pay. They haven’t paid yet, what can I do?

Answer: You can push to get the settlement enforced, but I’d give it a little more time. If that does not help, you may also file another lawsuit based on failure to follow through on your agreement.

3.Question: I was rear ended at work and they told me that if I don’t come back in 90 days, I’ll lose my position. Then I’ll have 90 days to find another job with my company. Is this legal?

Answer: It depends on what kind of leave you are on. If you are on federal medical leave, you might be fine. However, I would suggest you contact an employment attorney, as there is a specific time frame you can be out of work in these types of situations.

4.Question: If my employer wants me to take a class but does not pay me for over time, is that legal?

Answer: If you are a salaried employee then it is legal. If you are an hourly employee and they are forcing you to work without paying your hourly rate, then they might owe you money for it.

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