Russ Builds shelves for valuable Antique German Beer steins

Building shelves for my fathers Antique Beer Stein collection.

Written by: Russ Rollins

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When I was a little man growing up in Kingswood, my dad would always tell me that is German Beer Stein collection would b mine one day. He would say "When I croak and choke, this are all yours boy!" I hated when he would say that, I didn't want to think of him ever dying. I always thought the beer steins were awesome, but dad had to die before I got them. It didn't seem like a good deal.

Now that dad has passed away, Mom asked me to take the German Beer steins. I had to build shelves for them if I wanted them to have a good place in the "Triple R Bar."

This is what I built this weekend. I love the way it turned out. Dad would be proud.




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