Accent lighting. It rocks at Russ' house!

Accent lighting in a house is a game changer.

By: Russ Rollins

April 22, 2019 - 1:03 PM

I love lighting. Black lights, strobe lights and mirror balls. I love them all. The light in the pool is more important to me than a pool float. I also love my bar area in my new house. The only way to make the "Triple R Bar" (RRR Bar) better is to kick up the lighting.

Thank you to Wanerka Electric and Nick Wanerka (HUGE MONSTER FAN!) for showing me what a great electrician can do. We have accent lighting throughout the new house. It makes it so nice at night. I REALLY love the colored lights behind the KISS panting. All for colors from the Kiss solo album run behind the painting. It's a dramatic look when you are at the bar.

I love it! Thanks NICK!

E-mail me if you would like Nicks number.



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