"RRR Bar", lights on my Pergola & the U.F.O picture

Here are some new photo's from the "RRR Bar".

I feel like it's looking pretty darn tight!


Lighted KISS picture behind the bar.
Paul Stanley guitar with lite photo.
KISS picture
Eric Singer drum head, Gene Simmons bass

Here's a fountain that Maryellen bought us for the front porch and new lights on our Pergola. It looks so nice at night when you are driving by the new house.

Front fountain
Lights on the Pergola

U.F.O. picture

I very good friend of mine sent this photo to me. This guy is NOT a practical joker and is someone I know VERY well and TRUST very much.

He texted me this photo and said : "Dude, no shit, my daughter saw a U.F.O. driving through Texas last night. Several witnessed two of these things flying around. They were cigar shaped. They were out in the desert driving to a motorcycle bike rally to sell t-shirts. They were freaked out bro. It's legit."

Here is the photo he sent me...... what to you think???

Do you believe in U.F.O.'s ???


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