To The Top Invites: Detective Barb

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Central Florida Crimeline Executive Director Barb Bergin is quite the history maker! She was Orlando's 1st full time female homicide detective & she worked on the very 1st case that DNA evidence was used in. We also chatted about:

*How and why she got into law enforcement.

*What it was like to be the only female to graduate the police academy, as a valedictorian!

*What it feels like to sit across from a serial rapist or murderer.

*What she thinks it takes to make it in law enforcement.

*Her craziest night ever on patrol and it is truly insane!

*Why she feels EVERYONE has it in them to be a murderer.

*How she dealt with the trauma and horror she saw as a sex crime and homicide detective.

*The one thing she ALWAYS did when handling a homicide case.

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