To The Top Invites: Drew Garabo - Our Fight , Friendship & Forgiveness.

This is probably my best podcast yet, for so many reasons. I hope you enjoy it.




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Drew Garabo is one of the smartest & best broadcasters I've ever listened to as well a Florida radio legend. His life and mine have been intertwined for over 20 years, and sadly I almost went to jail because of the time I brutally assaulted him. We go into great detail on what happened that St Patrick's Day, as well as the insane after math. But overall this is a story of forgiveness, growth and friendship that I think will be extremely powerful for anyone dealing with any of those issues. I think it is my best podcast to date. I really hope you enjoy it.

* The entire history of our friendship, how it started and why it went bad.

*The entire history of my brutal assault on Drew that was witnessed by Thousands of people in downtown Orlando.

*Why I attacked Drew that night?

*Why Drew feels he deserved a check like that in life.

*What the jail experience was like for me.

*What the hospital experience was like for Drew.

*Drew had a burning question that he had never asked me that he was able to do during this conversation.

*The insane courtroom experience that felt straight out of a movie.

* Drew- "Forgiveness without action is manipulation." - brilliant quote that he elaborates on.

*How Drew feels coming back to the Iheart studios 14 years later.

*When Drew gave up believing in himself and why.

*The thing that I think Drew is meant to do in life.

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