To The Top: Pennie Payne - Police Officer with 18 Brain Surgeries

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Pennie Payne is known around Orlando and abroad for her work with her company Pawfection Dog Training. But Pennie has never had a chance to tell her story of survival. Pennie was the victim of a brutal assault while working as a police officer in her home country of England. The series of events that followed would have destroyed most people but through her tough mental attitude and passion for her family and dreams, she survived.

* Her dreams of working for Scotland Yard taken from her in a moment.

* How quickly a police situation can turn violent.

* What to do when you feel like you have lost hope in your health and life.

* Dealing with the most tragic of situations...multiple miscarriages.

* What it felt like when she was signing her last rights away before surgery.

* The wise words that helped her get through this all.

*Who was her rock in all of these crazy situations.

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