Tips On How To Have A Successful Business & Family

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Trent Emerson is a good friend, successful business owner & family man. He is also a great supporter and sponsor of "To The Top" I respect all aspects of his life and how he manages them. Our conversation has great little knowledge nuggets in each one of those areas.

*How to keep a 3 generation family owned business successful since 1968.

* How it feels to be in charge of 89 employees & 11 stores.

* How to maintain a great culture and fun environment for your business.

* The connection between Ben's Paints Supply and the early days of NASCAR

* Why parties are important for your company.

* What he looks for when hiring a new employee.

* How to deal with turbulent times in business.

* The number 1 thing you need to have when raising daughters.

* Why he never pushed his daughters to get into the family business.

* He may be one of the biggest Clemson Tiger fans out there, he lets you know why.

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