Champion Race Car Driver Has A CRAZY Alter Ego!

Jordan Taylor Podcast

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This is not a podcast that is all about racing. In fact, I don't know much about racing. We go all over the place because Jordan is a very diverse & accomplished young man. He has had amazing success on and off of the race track. His championships on many levels have made him one of the premier drivers in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. He is also a funny guy with some crazy stories and he shared many of them in our conversation!:

* How he got into racing sports cars.

* What winning a 24 hour race with Jeff Gordon feels like.

*How going out of his comfort zone created one of the best opportunities in his life.

* Did coming from a racing family hurt or help him?

* NASCAR hasn't opened their doors to he tells a story on what happened.

* Rodney Sandstorm, how he came up with his crazy alter ego and what caused Darrell Waltrip to call for security on him!

* A CRAZY & Funny story on a former "girlfriend" and her insane past. SO FUNNY!

* How assuming and not asking might have hurt his chances in being in NASCAR

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