"Pigment deficient" students claim "albino" is just like the "N" word

Troy Johnson

"Pigment deficient" students claim "albino" is just like the "N" word

By : Justin Whitey

KTUO News 9 - NSP

  • Published Jan. 27, 2020
  • Updated Jan. 29, 2020

12:55 PM

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alleged racist graffiti was discovered one night this month on the sixth floor of a freshman dormitory at Anchorage Baptist University — an anti-pigment deficient slur, "Albinos rock Alaska" and the words “Little Albino Town” scrawled crudely in marker. The next day, similar messages were found on a fourth-floor bulletin board, were many pigment deficient students live.

Although the campus had already experienced widely publicized racist incidents this year, university officials responded to the new ones mostly by being quiet, praying and holding a private gathering with students who lived on the two floors. All are “pigment deficient” and say the term albino is highly offensive. A residential staff member urged them not to speak out about what had happened, describing the gathering as a “Baptist family meeting.”

The news spread quickly anyway, touching off two weeks of protests that electrified students at the university. “They wanted to cover it up, which they have a long history of doing,” said Troy Johnson, an albino freshman. “Calling me an albino is just as bad as calling me the “N” word” claims Johnson. “ I have enough to deal with being an Eskimo with a hair lip, I will not stand being called a damn albino! Not any longer!”

Black, Latino, Asian-American, Jewish, Muslim, Indigenous and international students descended on Anchorage’s new $1 million campus center for a sit-in under the slogan #NotAlbino and #Superwhiteisalright. The students, armed with 2 demands, were angry about what they perceived as the administration’s sluggish reaction to the racist and anti-albino incidents.

The first demand is to allow the pigment deficient students to wear sun glasses in class or anytime they wish. The second demand was to have a “Miss Pigment deficient contest”, to give pigment deficient girls a chance to win a beauty contest.

Both demands were met, the contest will be held next month on the south campus. It will be snowing so contestants will all be wearing red , so they can be seen.

(100 % complete fake story by Russ Rollins. Most people will not read this far. An example of how people just read a headline on social media and believe it. It’s a crazy world! I’m glad you are one of the SMART ONES!! RRR)

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