Russ Rollins reacts to social media controversy

Russ Rollins reacts to social media controversy

Orlando Social Media Times

By: Jenny Cross

October 11, 2020 - EST 9:47

Nationally known radio personality Russ Rollins is no stranger to negative attacks on social media. The host of the “Monsters in the Morning” morning show on Real Radio 104.1 for almost 30 years has made a huge career out of having thousands of loyal followers and his fair share of haters. Russ addressed his haters on Facebook and Twitter last weekend.

After adding the word “Vote” to his profile picture, Russ noticed a small amount of haters posting on his page. That is what prompted this message from Rollins to his social media following:

“A NOTE TO TROLLS. Put simply, when you come here you are a guest in my house. If you don’t like the conversation or me having a point of view, leave or I will block and delete you. No rudeness or insults please. Stupidity comes at birth, Ignorance and bad manners don’t. Be respectful or be gone. Thanks”

After making this post, Rollins blocked and deleted trolls making negative posts. This caused an outrage from listeners who were blocked from the Real Radio, Monster Facebook pages and Russ’ personal social media. Some banned listener responded with “This is not fair, we have a right to free speech” and another banned listener writes “I can say negative things about Russ, but still like Carlos, that should not get me blocked from the stations Facebook page.”

Here was Russ’ reaction when we made him aware of this Facebook controversy from his Real Radio listeners:

“Every single person has the right and the “free speech” to say whatever they want about me, or the show, on social media. Any other place they want to talk trash is, fine. Just, not in my house.” Rollins added, “Thousands of listeners come to our social media sites to enjoy the show and have fun. It’s our responsibility to make sure it’s fun for our listeners on social media.” Also adding "We have the best and most supportive listeners ever, I'm not going to let a small amount of trolls ruin it for them."

We asked Rollins how long listeners would be banned. We did not get an answer by the release time of this report.

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