Russ Rollins - REGRETS

Russ Rollins - Regrets

It’s been 2 years ago today that my dad passed away. This is the last picture I took with my dad, Raymond C. Rollins.

I regret he never told me he was proud of me. Wait, he told me every time I saw him.

I regret we never talked on the phone. No, we spoke every week.

I regret we never spent time together, nope we went to dinner & visited often.

I regret we never said “I love you”. No, we said it at the end of every phone call and every visit.

I now realize, two years later, I have no “regrets”. I’m left with this photo and a heart full of love for my dad. Dad, you were everything to me, and you knew it.  This picture doesn’t make me cry today, two years later. It makes me smile and full of love for my father, Raymond C. Rollins. One of a kind.

We love you dad.


Russ and Raymond C. Rollins

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