LOST ARTWORK - Discovered old Fathers Day gift, I drew for my dad in 1981.

Lost Artwork

My mom brought this over to the house on St. Patrick's Day. She said my father had this drawing in a safe in his work shed. This is gift I had drawn for him back in 1981 and given to him for Fathers Day.

Trust me, I find it very narcissistic as well. Who the hell draws a picture of THEMSELF and gives it as a gift?? What was I thinking???

Crazy part is, my Dad loved it. He loved it so much he put it in a safe like it was valuable piece of art. It's not, I can see the proportions are off and the face doesn't look anything like me.

I do love the fact I signed it like I was famous. lol

I never thought I'd be so happy to get BACK a Fathers Day Gift.


Fathers Day gift 1981

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