Monster fans with a shocking surprise! A letter from Russ in response.

Dear Monster listeners & fans,

I don't use the term "fans" that often because I've heard some people use it in a very pompous way. I don't want to come across that way, but in this case the word "fan" fits perfectly.

We had some incredible fans buy full page ads for us, ads that ran in the Orlando Weekly the week of May 5, 2021. I was told by an executive at the Orlando Weekly that it was "12 or so fans" that got together and took care of this back in December. They also paid for an article that ran about me in February. This is by far the nicest thing listeners could ever have done for us. Do you know how much 5 full page ads cost???? WOW!!

From the bottom of all of our hearts (all the Monsters), thank you. I don't care if we win each category or not, we are all blessed to have the best listeners and fans in the history of local radio. Monster fans, the Monster Militia, the Monster YouTube chat, all of you that listen every day have blessed us with so much support for so many years...... you have given us all such a great gift. Not just the full page ads, (those all rock) but the love you give us every day by listening for almost 30 years.

Here are the ads. If you have time, please go vote. I don't want to disappoint the people that spent so much money to support the MONSTERS!!

God bless you guys. Without you, we would not have been around for the past 3 decades.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Russ Ray Rollins

Host of the "Monsters in the Morning"

Full page in the Orlando Weekly! Vote Real Radio & Monsters!!
Full page for Ryan Holmes - Best Local Comedian! Vote!
Full page ad for Angel of Boom - Best Club DJ! VOTE!
Full page ad for Carlos Navarro - Best Local Actor! VOTE!
The leader of the mess of merry men for almost 30 years, full page ad for Russ Rollins - Best Local Big Shot.
Fall page ad fans bought in Feb. 2021

The best damn listeners EVER are MONSTER FANS!!!

Thank you!


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