Is this woman's outfit too sexy to fly in? She Was kicked of a flight?!

Fitness Model Not Allowed On Flight Due To 'Offensive' Jean Shorts

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When air travel first began, passengers would get dressed up to fly, the same way they would if they were going to a fancy dinner. These days, the dress code is much more casual, but some airlines don't allow outfits they consider inappropriate or offensive. That's what one fitness model learned as she attempted to catch an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Miami.

26-year-old Deniz Saypinar actually moved from Turkey to America to get away from her native country's conservative society, however here in the U.S., she was stopped from boarding the plane after the flight crewfelt her short shorts would be a problem for other passengers. Saypinar shared her experience with her one million Instagram followers, posting a photo of her attire on her IG Story and saying the airline's staff called her "naked." She wrote, "They literally didn't take me to the plane because they say, 'You're naked and you offend other families."

She went on to say how she came to America to "be free as a woman" but instead got stopped at the airport for a "ridiculous" reason, noting, "I am not naked."

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In another post, tagging the airline, Deniz wrote, "I am an athlete, and now I have to wait here until the morning. I like to wear feminine clothes that reveal my femininity, but I never dress in a way that will offend anyone. I'm mature and civilized enough to know what I can and cannot wear. I don't deserve to be treated like the worst person in the world for wearing denim shorts. What separates us from animals if humans can't control even their most primitive impulses."

A spokesperson for American Airlines released a statement about what happened, saying, "On July 8, American Airlines denied boarding for a customer traveling from Dallas-Fort Worth to Miami. As stated in the conditions of carriage, all customers must dress appropriately and offensive clothing isn't permitted onboard our flights. The customer was advised of our policy and was rebooked on a subsequent flight. The customer has since arrived in Miami."

Once in Miami, Deniz posted photos and wrote about healing:

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