Who NO SHOWED at Monsters Night of Comedy??

Who "NO SHOWED" at the Monsters Night of Comedy at the iconic Improv Orlando?? Find out here, with rare photos taken at this awesome night of comedy with the Monsters in the Morning. No video was taken of this show. You had to be in attendance.

Monsters Night of Comedy at the Improv

September 10, 2021


On September 10, 2021 The Monsters in the Morning performed for a sold out crowd at the iconic Improv Orlando. Scheduled to appear was Russ Rollins, Carlos Navarro, Jana Banana, Angelique the Dancing Queen, Jeff Kaufman, Savannah and headlining, The King of Denmark Ryan Holmes. One Monster would not show up at all.

The host of the Monsters in the Morning , Russ "Triple R" Rollins started out the night. He surprised the sold out crowd of Monster fans by coming out in a Batman costume. Not the costume with fake muscles. No, no, no. The 1966 Batman outfit that seems to show everything. Russ Started the show off strong with a stand up set about what gives Batman his powers. After pulling a hotdog from his "Bat-crotch", he introduced "Mr. Motivation" Carlos Navarro.

Carlos energized the Monster fans with his high energy personality and doing many of his beloved voices he performs on the show. Carlos thanked the crowd for all the support and got huge laughs from the crowd. Then Russ & Carlos introduced Jana Banana.

Jana Banana has never done stand up comedy before, but she is not the kind of person to turn down and opportunity to live out an experience like performing at the Improv. Jana did not disappoint. She had the audience in the palm of her hands. She told true stories about funny things that have happened to her, and it worked. The Monster crowd loved her. Next up was Angelique the Dancing Queen.

Angelique agreed to do stand up comedy on a bet with Ryan Holmes. Since Ryan had to enter a dance contest several years ago, he bet Angelique she could not do what he is good at, stand up comedy. Angelique proved she has many talents. She worked the crowd for much more than the 5 minutes she was challenged to perform. She brought her husband on stage, and proved he can't remember to take out the trash, but knows who was in every World Series baseball game for the past 40 years. Next up was Jeff Kaufman.

Jeff Kaufman has been doing stand up comedy for the past 6 months, but was he ready for a Monster crowd at the iconic Improv? Yes, yes he was. Jeff had the crowd laughing at stories about his personal life and issues. The Monster crowd ate it up. After Jeff's 15 minute set, Carlos came out to give the sold out crowd some bad news. Savannah did not show on this night. Instead, in her place ........... was...... Award winning sports broadcaster ......Linda Miller.

Linda Miller and Carlos got into an epic on stage cut down session. She had the crowd rolling in the aisle. Linda Miller had something to say about Angel, D-Strong, Russ, Jana, Carlos and told Kaufman what she thought about being left out of his back page ad in the Orlando Weekly. She killed.

Then it was time for the professional, The King of Denmark Ryan Holmes to show everyone how it's done. Holmes owned the crowd for 45 minutes, proving he is a very funny veteran of the comedy game.

It was a great night of comedy at the Improv. There was NOT any video taken of the night. You had to be there, it was an awesome night. Thank you to everyone that came out. Thanks to "That Mortgage Guy, Don" for super cool T-shirts!

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