Remember When Radio host Russ Rollins was hospitalized with COVID-19?

Radio host Russ Rollins rushed to the emergency room with COVID-19 complications.

Hot talker Russ Ray Rollins, or as he is sometimes called 'Triple R' from The Monsters in the Morning on 104.1 WTKS-FM in Orlando, Florida has been hospitalized after a several days bout with COVID-19. Rollins was on a road trip with his wife in their RV for an eleven-day vacation when it was cut short six days after Russ started having breathing problems and severe fatigue that he talks about in this video on his Real Radio Monsters YouTube Channel.

He was unable to drive the RV and had to get a hotel for the night but eventually gained the strength to finish the drive. Upon returning home he stayed in bed and was taken care of by his wife. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse on Monday September 27th, when he was told by his doctor to go to the local emergency room. According to Russ who communicated via text, that "fluid was filling up" and "this is not good."

Russ Rollins has been a staunch supporter of vaccinations and has gone on air in Orlando many times asking for his audience to get vaccinated. Russ himself has been vaccinated for some time but has been working remotely due to concerns with the pandemic. He has said this "is the worst I have ever felt" and is happy with his decision to get vaccinated as it alleviates a lot of his concern because he knew breakthrough cases can happen, but the more serious risks happen at a much lower percentage to vaccinated individuals.

Other more right wing radio hosts have passed recently but Rollins has been very proud of his pro-mask and pro-vax stance and hopes his listeners continue to follow CDC guidelines.

Longtime member of The Monsters in the Morning Carlos Navarro will be temporarily heading the show from his home in DeLand with Angel Rivera and Ryan Holmes in separate rooms at the iHeart Studios.

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