The Only Pic Of The Red Hat Kid!

The Only Pic Of The Red Hat Kid!

#TBT I’m old school, I’m from the 90’s.

Yeah, I thought I was cool wearing that Red Hat to my first day of 4th grade.

I wanted to be known as “The Red Hat kid” as all of the cool kids in movies had nicknames.

I thought “The Red Hat Kid” would be my moniker for years to come.

The first day I wore it someone said “I look stupid in a Hat” and didn’t wear hats for almost my whole life.

Isn’t that crazy what one comment can do to you!

I never realized that until someone asked why I didn’t wear hats and gave them that answer.

I wear hats all the time now, screw the haters.

But I am glad that the Red Hat thing didn’t stick for OBVIOUS REASONS! Haha! #lifeyourlife #redhatkid #wearyourhats

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