Donald Trump: "My Job Is To Represent The United States Of America"

President Donald Trump vowed to put American interests first in an address to the joint session of Congress. He said that he will bring about a new chapter of American greatness. 

He started off the speech by condemning threats and vandalism against Jewish community centers and cemeteries. Trump said the U.S. must stand united against the ugliness and evil of hate.  He also condemned the recent deadly shooting of an Indian man in Kansas City. 

Trump had a message to those who oppose his plans to tackle illegal immigration. Trump asked what would they say to an American family that loses their jobs or a loved one due to lax immigration enforcement. He said that by finally enforcing immigration laws, wages will rise, the unemployed will get help and communities will become safer. 

The President vowed to lower the cost of healthcare by repealing and replacing Obamacare. He said a replacement plan must expand choice, increase access and lower costs. 

Trump explained that he has inherited several challenges upon entering the White House.  He said that 94 million Americans are out of the labor force, and more than 40 million are living in poverty. Trump said a level playing field must be created for American companies and workers.  

He stated that American companies are taxed at one of the highest rates in the world.  Trump said his economic team is working on tax reforms that would ease the burden on businesses while also giving the middle class massive tax relief.  He said he strongly believes in free trade, but it also has to be "fair trade."

President Trump said it's time to think big and put trivial fights in the past and ended his address to a joint session of Congress by saying that Americans can achieve all sorts of marvels if they work together.  Trump said Americans are all one people with one destiny.  He insisted that from now on, America will be driven by its aspirations, not burdened by its fears.  He ended his speech by calling on Americans to believe in themselves, their future, and America. 

Photo: Getty Images

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