Blogging Molly's Non-Negotiables...

All of these rules have come from somewhere.  When I break a rule, the relationship goes sour.  So no more breaking rules.

Here's my non-negotiable...

Older & Taller, it's a safety thing.  I need a guy who will make me feel safe and protected in this crazy world.  

Greater Than or Equal To, it's a money thing.  Need a financially stable guy.  I'm not taking care of some guy.  

Has to be able to drive a stick shift, cause if i can than he should be able to.

Has to be established in his career, it's a stability thing. 

No dipping the pen in the company ink, way too much time together and makes things awkward when relationship ends.

Can't be a Monster Fan, did that, didn't work out.  

Has to enjoy going to live shows and comic conventions, live music and nerdy things are who I am.  

And if you can buy me this ring...

Oh and i will never knit for a man until i marry him.  The Sweater Curse is real.  

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Monsters in the Morning

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