Nerdy News: New Tarantino movie, DCEU updates & Comic Con!

Quentin Tarantino is making a new movie about the Manson murders.  But how the murders play into the film - we don’t know that yet.  It’s reported to be a unique take on the Manson family murders.  So far Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are attached to the project and Margot Robbie.  It has been said Jennifer Lawrence will not be Sharon Tate.


Wonder Woman sequel - here’s what we know… set in the 80s Cold War era and Chris Pine is set to return.  How will Chris Pine return?!?!


The new Batman movie - called The Batman for now - but that might change.  The script is being re-written and will be more of a film noir.  


Christopher Nolan is at the helm of the 4K remaster of the Dark Night Trilogy

And speaking of Christopher Nolan - his latest movie Dunkirk is getting rave reviews.

And he cast Harry Styles of 1D in the film and had no idea how popular Harry Styles was.  And apparently Harry Styles does a really great acting job.  Christopher Nolan compares Harry Styles performance to Heath Ledger inThe Dark Knight


The Justice League marketing has begun...  Here they are in a Walmart Back to School commercial


The biggest week for nerds is almost here...Comic Con 2017!  Here's what we can expect: Marvel Studios will be doing a 90 minute comic con panel with the actors and directors.  Other things we can expect to see Walking Dead season 8 trailer, Justice League trailer, Stranger Things, and what i'm most excited for Ready Player One trailer!

What started as a joke earlier this year...  might be a reality.  The Rock can now run for president!


Nerd of the Week:  Nelsan Ellis. 

Nelsan Ellis has passed away at the age of 39.  So sad.  He was one of the my favorite characters in True Blood.  

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