All of the Crazy Food From The Texas State Fair

The Foods at the Texas State Fair This Year Include Deep Fried Froot Loops, Oreo Beer and Something Called "Fat Smooth"

Here are some of the crazy food items that are going to be on sale at this year's Texas State Fair:  Deep fried Froot Loops, Oreo beer, tamale donuts, funnel cake bacon queso burger, and something called "Fat Smooth."

1.  Beer battered beef jerky. 

2.  Fried Texas dirt.  We assume "dirt" means, like, crushed up Oreos. 

3.  Deep fried breakfast cupcake.

4.  Funnel cake bacon queso burger.

5.  Deep fried chicken noodle soup on a stick.

6.  Deep fried Froot Loops.

7.  Oreo beer.

8.  Tamale donuts.

9.  Fried redneck wedding cake balls.

10.  Fat smooth.  Yes, it's just called "Fat Smooth." 

"Fat Smooth is three delicious Belgium mini cream puffs on a skewer, dipped in a CafĂ© Du Monde beignet batter. Fried until golden brown, then dusted in powdered sugar and drizzled with a chocolate and caramel sauce." 

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