Fist bumps ruined Mark Lance's life

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Getting on a plane isn’t always the most exciting part of a trip, but thanks to one 2-year-old, it just got a lot more entertaining.

Alya Jakubowicz posted a video of her son, Guy, fist-bumping passengers on a Southwest flight from Kansas City to Chicago. The video shows the young boy walking down the aisles, fist-bumping several passengers as he goes.

Passengers laugh and shout about how cute it is. All except for one, Mark Lance. Mr. Lance is looking to be paid back for the the pain and financial loss he has felt since the video.  

“I just want to fly in peace and not have the pressure of doing the perfect fist bump.” Lance is upset that the video went viral and featured him on the flight. Lance did not fist bump because he said he is “not a sheep”. Lance’s wife saw him on the video and confronted him about it. What she found out was that he was on a flight with his lover. Lance’s wife has filed for divorce and now Mark is thinking of suing the boy's family.“ I will have legal fees, my life is shattered and it's because of that kid.” Lance has started a Go Fund Me Page titled “Stop the Fist Bump Kid”. “I am trying to raise awareness of what a viral video can do to a hard working American’s life."

Jakubowicz wrote that her son was just trying to brighten people's mood.  “He is making the flying the friendly skies even friendlier with one fist bump at a time,” she wrote. The video was shared by Southwest later on, garnering more than 24,000 shares and 26,000 likes.

This is fake news. 

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