Demetrious Mcknight wants to be recognized as Trans Racial

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Kansas,  -- A white male from Kansas is taking his case against the state's denial to hear his case to become “Trans Racial” to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In papers filed Wednesday, attorneys for Hunter Smith known now as Demetrious Mcknight said lower courts were wrong to reject his argument that “he is a true Trans Racial African American” He feels it is violating his Constitution's guarantee of equal protection to all citizens including “Trans Racials”.

His attorneys wrote that under the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling against, "Trans Racials” they are basically saying that they don’t care “about every citizen, those that happen to not be courageous enough to come out as Trans racial.”  

Kansas would have been the first state to acknowledge “Trans Racials” as a true race and with the current ruling this will certainly push that back. Mr. Demetrious Mcknight was not happy with the ruling and claimed “those judges be trippin', they just mad cause I got the sauce and they don’t. They ain't nothing but a bunch of racist white people.”

However, several cities and towns and all eight of the state's public universities have all said to have had many “Trans Racial” people come out of the closet as of late. "I hope to be the Martin Luther King or Luther Vandross for Trans Racial People. We must unite against the evil white race in order to thrive in Trumps America.", said Mr. Mcknight as he hopped into his drop top Chevy on dubs. “I will have my date in court for me and my peoples.” 

Mcknight refuses to apply for a job until he is recognized as a Trans Racial African American. "I am gonna keep collecting my Trump Checks untill then." 

The story above is a satire or parody and is for comedic and entertaining purposes. Congrats to you for actually reading the entire article! You are a smart cookie!

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