To The Top Invites #1 Savannah: Sex Life & tales of when she was homeless!

Click on the picture below to listen to the BRAND NEW PODCAST- "To The Top" Invites #1 Savannah: Sex Life, Britney's Gram & tales of when she was homeless!

To The Top Invites #1 Savannah

To The Top Invites #1 Savannah

(UNCENSORED) Hello To The Top Fans! It's Carlos and I want to thank you for checking out the brand new series "To The Top" Invites! I was lucky to have the world renowned Savannah as my first guest! Here is what we chatted about:

How she got into the Gator business.

Savannah's conspiracy theories on Britney and why she thinks she is being held hostage.

Savannah compares herself to Judy Garland.

Why Savannah is looking for a "friend with benefit" and not a boyfriend or girlfriend right now.

What is Savannah's perfect man?

Why Savannah wants to be Cuban and her love for the Cuban way of life.

Purpose: How she was able to go from Homelessness to traveling the world doing what she loves.

Emotions, how and when we discovered them and how it shouldn't dictate our lives.

Savannah drops a quote that quickly becomes one of my favorites!

Please leave a comment below on what you connected with and how you would like to hear in the future! Thanks! Carlos

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