TTT Invites: Tommy Weclew - How To Build Wealth With Real Estate!

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Tommy Weclew is a successful real estate broker & founder of The Realty Medics. In 2018 Tommy & his team were given the award for being in the top 50 fastest growing companies in Central Florida by the Orlando Business Journal. They currently manage 900+ properties valued at over $200,000,000. Carlos is extremely interested in getting into the real estate market so this conversation covered many topics like:

* How he survived the real estate crash of 2008 and rebuilt his business to even bigger heights.

* Why Real Estate is a safer & better investment then stocks.

* What type of properties you should look for in your first investment.

* The pros & cons of managing a property yourself.

* The most INSANE story a renter ever told him to get out of paying the lease.

* What makes Central Florida one of the best real estate markets in the world.

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