Mike Young - Creative Director Of EA Sports MADDEN 20


How Mike manifested his dream of working in the video game industry.

Mike Young

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Mike is a well accomplished, artist, photographer, writer and director. He is a multi dimensional talent. He is the head creative director of EA Sports Madden Football and we had a nice chat about the newly released Madden 20 and all of the amazing things of his past and future in gaming, sports and film making!

* How he got his start in Video games from a chance encounter on a random flight

* How visualization, manifesting and hard work got him his dream job.

* Working with sports greats, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Troy Polamalu

* What it is like creating a a multi million dollar game from scratch each year.

* His 2 must haves when creating a project.

* How his love for wanting to work in video games made him take massive risks.

* His future films and projects.


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