Mickey Colon Jr: From Pro BMX Rider To World Renowned Hair Stylist!


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Mickey Colon Jr is a very cool dude that is well known in the hair world as well as a social media influencer with a following of over 70K! He travels all across the globe showing off his talents & making people feel good. He is at the Top of the game and this podcast was SO MUCH FUN because we laughed like crazy & I learned a lot about this awesome person:

* His early life as a BMX rider in Puerto Rico

*Fleeing Puerto Rico to get out of trouble and starting a new life in Florida

*His lifelong trick that helped him gain friends and jobs while not knowing English.

*I am Jealous of him for a reason, I tell him why.

*How he became a hair model even before becoming a stylist.

*How his first interaction with his wife did not go well.

* What is "Hair School" like?

* Why he had to quit hair school, and the very different job he took to pay the bills.

* He is another example of how all of the things we do in the past help us in the future.

* How he started his salon and why it didn't work at first.

* How he built his massive following on social media, a tip he lets us in on.

* How he was recognized by an international brand and is now an ambassador for them.

* Several Tips and Tricks on how to grow your social media following.

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