Monster Blogs: Carlos

WATCH Russ squirm in his seat when answering Carlos's tough questions!
Could You Do This Crazy Food Challenge?
Reacting VS Responding - Episode 5: To The Top!
DON'T do this if you want to stay married!
Carlos met Steven Spielberg!
To The Top Invites: Charlamagne Tha God
Confidence is a Habit! - To The Top! 5/16/19
To The Top Invites #1 Savannah: Sex Life & tales of when she...
How to Hide a Hangover at Work
Women have better orgasms on weed?!
Carlos meets the Griffen Twins
Carlos Navarro: 30 for 30
An awkward encounter with Luenell...
Body Language Expert - Chuck Acres
Motivational Minute: Overcoming Obstacles!
Be Like Mike...Not Carlos
Golfing Hi-jinx with Carlos Navarro & Ryan Holmes
Talk Like A Pirate Day with Carlos and Ryan
Joe Rogan interviews Elon Musk
An awkward encounter with David Koechner.
To The Top: Grocery store worker stocks shelves with autistic teen
The ABC's of Universal Studios
Carlos plays "Pizza PACMAN" In Real Life
Drake's "God's Plan" Video...Carlos style!
Alvaro's letter to Carl from The Walking Dead
Carlos races around Daytona & almost crashes!
A Valentines Day YOU!
This robot dog can steal from you now...Wow.
Diddy & Khaled make woman PASS OUT, then pay her!
This new DUNDEE trailer looks really funny.
This Rat takes a better shower than I do.
Real Radio finally gives Carlos Navarro a BLOG.
Tales from the Tour Bus Trailer!
Blind kid rides a bike!
Happy Birthday Sylvester Stallone!
TRAILER: Accidental Courtesy


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