Monster Blogs: Carlos

Monster Blogs:  Carlos
Carlos A Navarro was born in New York, but he considers himself a TRUE Orlando native. He is a family man with a beautiful wife and daughter that are truly his entire world. He values the importance of cherishing the special moments with them each and every day. He has been in the entertainment industry for over sixteen years with a career spanning through Radio, TV, Films, Video Games and Stand Up Comedy. Many people around Central Florida know him from his former nickname "Blackbean" from the #1 morning talk show “Monsters in the Morning”. Others know Carlos from his acting work in dozens of national commercials (Bud Light, Purina, Cash America, First Choice Hotels, Disney) and standout parts in TV shows (Prison Break, Graceland) and Blockbuster movies like Identity Thief and many more. He is also a standup comedian who can be seen performing all throughout the state. His love of being behind the camera has always been a major part of his life. That love and passion for photography strengthened year after year eventually crafting and forming Photography By Navarro, with his wife and business partner, Megan Navarro. Carlos is a positive person who believes in truly living life to the fullest and his motto that he lives by everyday is “To The Top, Never Stop!”

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