Woman Sent 65,000 Texts After A 1st Date, Broke In His House To Take A Bath

We've all heard of clingy behavior, but not quite like this. Back in 2018, 33-year-old Jacqueline Claire Ades was accused of sending more than 65,000 text messages to a man she went on one date with the previous year.

When one reporter asked Jacqueline about the many messages she sent the man, she replied, “That’s it? To me, it seemed like more.”

Then, according to the Washington Post, the reporter asked if she thought that was a bit “excessive.”

“Love is an excessive thing,” she responded.

Ades and the man met on Luxy, an online dating site for millionaires and the pair met for one date in January 2017, before the harassment started.

By July 2017, Paradise Valley police had become involved when the man reported that Ades was harassing him via text message. According to the police report, Ades sent the man sometimes up to as many as 500 disturbing texts in one day, over a 17-month period.

When the man blocked Ades on the dating app, she moved from Florida to Arizona, to be closer to where he lived.

Ades told reporters, "I told him that if he ever blocked me on this app, that I would come move here, and he blocked me, so I came here."

But Ades couldn't simply stop at just texting, because in April 2018, she broke into the man’s home in Arizona. The man was out of town on April 8, 2018, when he decided to check his home surveillance system. To his shock, Ades was in his house taking a bath. The man called the police and when they arrived at the scene, she was still in his bathtub.

Ades was then arrested and charged with felony trespassing.

Fast forward to 2020 where the charges against Ades had been dropped. That's because, in 2019, mental health professionals found Ades to be mentally incompetent, so her charges were dismissed.

Photo: Getty Images

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