Woman On TikTok Describes Worst First Date Ever That Ended In 100 Tacos

TikTok creator, Elyse Myers has gone viral for a video explaining her "worst date ever" where she says she was duped into buying 100 Taco Bell tacos for her date from Hell.

Myers details how she met her date on a dating app, he asked her to come to his house so they could drive to get food together, and then he proceeded to give her directions to a Taco Bell drive-thru where he confidently ordered 100 hard-shell tacos

Of course, the guy claimed he forgot his wallet at home once they got to the drive-thru window, tricking the TikToker into paying for all 100 tacos.

When they returned back to the guy's house, she found his dad on the couch. That's when all three of them start eating the tacos together, but not before Myers' date screamed, "Let's feast!"

Myers explains that by the end, she packed up the uneaten tacos, since she paid for them, and left.

Photo: Getty Images

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