Florida Woman's Rent Increased Because Landlord Found Her OnlyFans Success


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Ok, so these days we know almost everybody's rent has increased, but not for this reason. An OnlyFans model from Miami, Florida claims that her landlord doubled her rent after he found out how much money she makes on the website.

Romi Chase, who lives in Miami, Florida, has done quite well for herself, claiming to have raked in over $1M in her first year selling content on OnlyFans, but it seems that her landlord found out about her income and wanted to cash in on it.

The 29-year-old woman says that after her landlord found out about her income, the rent for her four-bedroom home went from $2,300 a month to a staggering $4,800 a month. First of all $2300 for a 4 bedroom in Miami was a steal!!!

Chase says she was informed about the rent increase after an "inspection" was performed back in November.

"When he came over the only thing he inspected was me. He actually didn't inspect anything, he walked in and paced around and I'm like, 'Ok, what's happening?' he wasn't actually looking at anything," Chase said.

"All of a sudden he's like, 'I found you on Instagram', I'm like, 'Oh, ok'."

"He gave me a sort of attitude, you could see he didn't like this. It's a legal job, I'm paying taxes, I have registered as a small business."

"I wasn't going to waste my time trying to explain myself, I didn't have anything to explain."

A few weeks after the "inspection," Romi got a letter of the changes and was told to starting paying the new rate or leave in 60 days. She contacted a lawyer and found out that in the state of Florida, there are no laws around rent hikes. So she left and ended up purchasing a house in Las Vegas that she now says is her dream home.

"My landlord knew I was an immigrant, he knew my finances and quite frankly I felt targeted. I was upset, this was just very chaotic and hectic time."

"Was I targeted for being in the adult industry, for being an immigrant or for being a single woman in her twenties making more money per year than he ever did in his entire life?"

“I say all of the above.", said Romi

Here's a few pics from Romi's Instagram

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