WATCH: TikToker Sends The Rude Messages A Guy Sent Her To His Fiancee

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A woman on TikTok taught someone a lesson on why not only grammar is important, but also why you should be wary of the DMs you slide into, and most importantly, be careful what you say.

The TikToker goes by the username pcossupportgirl, and she posted the now-viral video that showed a conversation between her and a man who initiated contact with her via her Instagram direct messages.

The man started the conversation by being complimentary, “U are totally perfect I would do anything to get to know you like fr,” he typed.

“That’s very kind! But I am really interested or available at the moment,” she replied. “Have a good day!”

As opposed to listening to the uninterested woman, the man wrote back to her, “I’d treat u real nice” in another message.

That is where things get ugly, “Fr? Ur lucky someone like me would even think about touching your b**** a***,” he replied back to her.

From the man's profile, she found out that he is engaged! She claps back at the man and threatened to show his fiancee the messages he sent her, but instead of changing his tune and being nicer, he follows up with, “F*** u u fat b*** no need to get others involved”.

The TikToker posted a follow-up video later the same day where the woman showed what went down when she contacted the man’s fiancee. (Both videos are below.)

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