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Parents Kicked Out Daughter For Doing OnlyFans And Now She Pays Their Bills


Photo: Getty Images

19 year old girl from Florida, Faith Lianne, dropped out of college to follow a career path shared by so many women (and men) these days... posting risque photos and videos full time on OnlyFans. Her parents kicked her out for her decision, but now they have changed their tune!

Faith took the plunge to join the adult platform in March 2021 and is now a teenage millionaire!

“I love that OnlyFans has allowed me to afford this lifestyle,” the model, who has 4.8 million followers on Instagram (@imfaithxo) as well!

“I bought a new house for $800,000 and got myself a Rolex, YSL and Gucci purses and a Louis Vuitton bag"

Faith enrolled for a business degree at college but after the first term decided to pack it in for internet fame, but the news did not go over well with her parents!

Faith claims she was kicked out of the family home and moved in with her brother, Anthony, who later became her manager... kind of weird.

Well, now after her parents see how much she is raking in they retired and both moved in with her!!!

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