New Viral TikTok Debate: Whose Job Is It to Place the Divider at Check-Out?

woman put products on the line near cashbox. grocery shopping concept

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As a self-proclaimed grocery store warrior, this particular debate struck a nerve in my soul. When you are cashing out at the grocery store, whose job is it to place the divider between your goods, and the next person's goods behind you?

There's a new TikTok going viral, showing the creator in an Aldi grocery store, and the shopper is asking what the proper etiquette is when it comes to the dividers for your groceries on the conveyor belt at check-out.

So, whose job is it to grab the divider and place it between the groceries? Is the proper way for you to put it at the end of your groceries when you're finished placing them on the belt? Or does the person behind you grab the divider before they start putting their groceries behind yours?

The comments on TikTok are littered with users debating. One user commented, "It's your job, and if they don't say thank you, then you pick it back up again and put it back on the side."

Personally, I'm all for manners. Who is within reach of the dividers? If the person behind you couldn't reach a divider, and you've just placed all your groceries, shouldn't you grab it for them?

If no one is in line behind you by the time you're at the pay stand, then the next shopper is closer to the dividers at that point, right?

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