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Neighbor’s Dog's Non-Stop Barking Leads to "Who Let the Dogs Out" On Repeat


Photo: Getty Images

If you thought you were petty, step aside, because TikTok user Saphire Jess is now going viral for her ultimate passive-aggressive petty method that she’s using to try and get her neighbor to shut their barking dog up.

TikToker Saphire Jess wrote in text over a video: “PETTY LEVEL: When your neighbours dog barks from 5 pm until 3 am every. damn. day,” with obnoxious barking audible in the background.

She went on to detail: “Keeping yours and your neighbours babies and kids awake ALL NIGHT and it starts to affect your sons schooling. Talked to them and they said its old so they won’t try stop it … called the ranger – nothing was done for six months…So you take things into your own hands, sitting a speaker on the fence while house sitting for the other 4 houses surrounding, playing this for 6 hours straight as they sleep for their night shift … hehehe.”

So according to Jess, after she and her fellow neighbors made multiple attempts to reason with her neighbor over their dog's nonstop barking, and even reached out to local authorities, she was left with no other option. She decided the only way to get her point across would be to play the Baha Men's hit song "Who Let The Dogs Out" play on a constant loop.

The majority of the commenters sided with Jess's petty actions, writing, “As a dog owner, I fully support you doing this. Anyone who allows their dog to bark continuously is a PROBLEM. Take care of and train your pets.” While other users were sympathetic with the dog.

In a follow-up video, Jess showed her followers that she's added “Dog” by Big Block Singsong and “Petty Squad” by Star Keisha to her “F**k Neighbours Dog” playlist.

It looks like her pettiness paid off because: “Update: happened again so I added some songs to the list it’s now been 4 months and haven’t heard it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Think I got the message across.”

(I included the Baha Men's music video below just to reminisce, or in case you're having your own dog barking issue.)

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