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WATCH: TikToker Reveals the Top 16 Rules for Going On a First Date

Black Woman On Unsuccessful First Date In Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to going on a first date, this TikToker has got you covered with her 16 Rules for a First Date.

TikToker Eli Rallo regularly shares her lists of “rules” for various reasons, like new seasons or a fresh week on the app but this time, Eli reveals first date tips.

She begins the video with her first rule, “The most elite first date day is a Thursday. On a Thursday, you can say to somebody, ‘What’re your plans for Saturday?’ and then you can go out with them on Saturday, or you can get Sunday brunch.”

Another rule on Eli's list included advising viewers to drink “1.5 glasses” of any drink, whether it be red wine or a Diet Coke, she said, “get yourself pumped up.” She also suggested listening to Ariana Grande to help with that.

Eli's tips also came with some warnings like becoming "pen pals" or texting too much, before the first date.

Do you have a cardinal rule for going on a first date?

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