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Woman Calls for Sugar Daddy Appreciation Day at Boca Raton Zoning Meeting

Young woman and senior man with lipstick mark on forehead, portrait

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida woman, who identified herself as "Ashley Cream", made a unique request for a Sugar Daddy Appreciation Day at a zoning board meeting in Boca Raton last week.

The Boca Raton Planning and Zoning Board met for what they thought would be a routine meeting on Thursday night (3/2/2023).

After a presentation related to a motion to approve an ordinance to amend the city code for the bulk storage of flammable liquids, the board chairman asked if anyone had any questions.

That's when the woman, followed by an elderly man with a cane, stood up and walked to the microphone.

She introduced herself as "Ashley Cream" and said she believes that Florida has the largest per capita population of "Sugar Daddies" in the United States, with Miami, Palm Beach, and Boca with the highest numbers.

"Sugar Daddies, both gay and straight, and yes, even Sugar Mommies, are responsible for college educations, cars, homes, rents, jets, and the occasional body enhancement," the woman stated as she made the argument that they help the local economy.

"Ashley" then asked the board to instate an official "Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day" on March 10.

However, Planning & Zoning Board chair, Arnold Sevell told her, "That's a city council issue."

This prompted the woman and her elderly friend to leave the podium and she wheeled him out of the chambers in a wheelchair.

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