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Have You Tried "Cozy Cardio"? It's TikTok's Newest Workout Trend

Portrait of beautiful young overweight woman indoors at home,  doing exercise.

Photo: Halfpoint Images / Moment / Getty Images

If you hate the gym and also hate the outdoors, then TikTok's newest workout trend is definitely for you.

Have you heard of "cozy cardio"? It's basically just doing a low-intensity workout at home, but you make your environment as cozy as possible.

A few suggestions before beginning cozy cardio include dimming the lights, lighting a candle, and putting on some comfy clothes.

Then you turn on something to watch, grab your favorite drink (probably nonalcoholic) and do some light cardio, like walking on a treadmill.

Even though you're not necessarily going hard, the idea is you're still moving and more research is showing that's what really matters.

"Cozy cardio" has been popular with the female demo so far, however, anyone can do it.

The idea is to be an easier way to get yourself in the habit of a workout routine.

There's a TikToker named Hope Zuckerbrow who is being credited for it trending. She's since been asked to appear on Good Morning America and has been featured in The New York Post.

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