Home 2 Home Hoedown’s Vinyl Frontier

Link to event HERE

I hope you’re taking good care of yourself and better care of each other! Joseph Martens here inviting you to join us immediately following the SMCD radio show this Sunday for the live stream of our Home 2 Home Hoedown @ Wekiva Island on our Sunday Morning Coming Down Facebook page with my lovely Jessy Lynn, Whoopsy and our flagellant furry cohost Otis the Tooting Otter from The Big Potato.

Very special guest this Sunday include Sabrina Ambra from The News Junkie on Real Radio 104.1 and Wekiva Island owner and conservationist, Bill Weinaug.

I’m happy to say I’ll be spinning vinyl live for tomorrow’s show

thanks to SMCD listener Derek Dameron and his grandfather’s generous donation of a beautiful classic country record collection. Also a big shout out to our friend Kelly Green at Complete Production Resources for much needed production assistance.

We are in it to win it, together!

❤️ 🌍 🎸

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