Former Vegan Eats His Own Rib In Instagram Post

A man named Sammy from Salt Lake City, Utah recently had a medical operation to remove one of his ribs. A longtime vegan who recently found a new respect for properly treated proteins, Sammy decided he was going to ask the doctors to keep his rib. They gave it to him after the surgery in a small plastic container where it remained until this weekend.


Sammy decided he was going to eat his rib, an experience which he chronicled in the Instagram pictures and video below, to see how human meat tasted. His friends promised to come along on this bizarre journey into modern day cannibalism but, in the end, it was Sammy alone who tasted the meat.

Below you'll find my conversation with him as well as photos and video of his experience. For those of you wondering, he compared the taste to chicken or perhaps buffalo meat. He didn't want to taint the experience with salt or pepper and chose the grill to cook up his own flesh. It was a bizarre experience and a breaking of a huge taboo around the world. Yet Sammy says he might just do it again.

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