Train Conductor Fired Over Sexy Photos

A train conductor was let go from her job when Canadian Pacific Rail found racy photos of her on Facebook and Instagram, which the company said violated their code of ethics and their internet and email policy. Stephanie Katelnikoff says the word 'graphic' was used regarding her posts, and claimed the railway was concerned about her pictures being damaging to their reputation. A picture posted showing her posing over railroad track has since been deleted.

This is not the first time Katelnikoff has been fired. She was let go in 2014 after a train derailed in Banff, but she claimed in arbitration she was fired for filing a sexual harassment claim against a co-worker and won the case, keeping her job.

Since the firing, she has lashed out against CP on Facebook, claiming they owe her "thousands and thousands of dollars in wages" saying that perhaps they'll respond seeing as they're already lurking her social media pages...

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