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Someone Shot The Johnny Cash Water Tower, And Now It’s Taking A Leak

A water tower in Kingsland, Arkansas, was vandalized recently. The water tower features a silhouette of Johnny Cash, who was born nearby. Someone shot a hole in the water tank portion of the tower. The shot landed in the crotch area of the painting of the silhouette, so now it looks like the figure is relieving himself. The shooter broke federal law, damaging a public utility.

Repairs are initially estimated to run over $100,000. In addition, until the repairs can be undertaken, the water pump is running almost constantly to maintain proper water levels and pressure in the tank.

Kingsland, population of about 400, located on U.S. 79, has taken great pride in being the early childhood home of Cash, known as one of the greatest country music singer/songwriters to ever grace a stage.


White Water Tower

Photo: Getty Images

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